Find Your Love

November 28, 2016

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If I had a one word of advice to anyone at any point in life it would be this: 

FIND YOUR LOVE; find the thing that makes you utterly in love with yourself and your life and pursue it, fight for it and live for it. 

Live for your love

Take that person you’re into or in a committed relationship with out of your mind. Human connection is a necessity for life but it’s not what I’m talking about right now. It’s worth finding something that makes you come alive aside from another person. 

What makes your soul on fire? What sets you apart? What makes you want to wake up another day or a hundred more? 

One of the biggest downfalls of this world is the distraction, need for more and low standard for living. I know we are not in control of every single part of our life due to circumstances. Some of us may have to work jobs we hate, work with people we can’t stand, etc, the one thing we are in control of is what we choose to love. You have freedom to love. You have freedom to pursue whatever sets your heart on fire. 

The thing about love is that you have to choose it. Every little thing that makes me come alive isn’t always the easiest to chase after. Like I said in another post, there is sacrifice in love and in choosing. But there is so much beauty in laying down other things for something greater. You have to beat the voice in your head that says you want x and y now but means can’t have z later. It’s worth it to wait. It’s worth it to sacrifice small things, or even big things for what you’re passionate about. 

I gave up New York City, Fashion School and a job to move somewhere I felt like I would pursue my dreams and the Lord more. In the moment it was one of the scariest decisions I had to make but it was the right choice. Now I am walking in the fruit of my sacrifices.

We were put on this Earth to a) have relationship with God and b) live life and enjoy it.  One of my favorite quotes by Oscar Wilde is,

"To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people just exist"

If you believe you were accidentally birthed into the world to go to school and then work your life away and then die, then that really blows and also isn't the truth. I dare you to dream; find your love and pursue it. Know that you are worth living an extraordinary life whether the world knows who you are or not. Set your soul on fire. 


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