Styled: Off Duty Looks

November 30, 2016

I appreciate a good day off you know the kind where you get to sleep in, have a relaxed breakfast in the morning but then have a million things to do? I appreciate it more when I look and feel good. These four looks are for when you’re off duty but still getting people to notice what you’re wearing. Don’t we all love those style compliments. I also love the irony of searching model off-duty looks and the girls still look fairly put together. That's the goal of this look.

The Sweatshirt Dress

Whoever decided that we could wear a long sweatshirt out and call it an outfit was a genius. There is actually a really good way to dress up this look. 
Find a cute sweatshirt material dress that is a good fit for your body type and dress it up with some cute black tights, black booties and add a jacket over if it’s chilly out or for effect. Voila there’s a super simple and chill outfit that looks a lot more fashionable than just a sweatshirt + jeans. 

Style Inspiration: Hailey Baldwin

Graphics Elevated 

I love this outfit because you can make a pair of denim + graphic shirt look elevated without having to add a ton of statement pieces. Pair your favorite pair of raw hem denim with a cool graphic tee. To dress this look up a little more add a slide loafer and blazer over. It’s a super simple look that’s easily elevated by adding or two more pieces. 

Style Inspiration: Taylor Hill

Sporty Casual 

Sporty casual is fun because there are so many different looks you can modify with these few pieces. This is what I would style together: a pair of athletic or regular leggings, a basic tank to long sleeve top, a bomber jacket and your favorite pair of sneaks. Depending on the weather you can modify what top or jacket you wear. Since I’m writing from Southern California I would opt for a bomber jacket but if I was in New York or Seattle I would probably aim for a longline coat. Either way this is super simple to throw together. 

Style Inspiration: Gigi Hadid

Girl Next Door

Last but not least is the simplest and most common off-duty look I see a lot on models. You guessed it, the white tee and denim look. My tip for this look is to take your most loved and basic items and put them together. I’d pair my favorite white tee with a fun pair of distressed denim and some nicer looking booties. That way you have attention somewhere on your outfit rather than too many basics. Make that attention piece your denim or boots. 

Style Inspiration: Kendall Jenner

Let me know what other styled looks you want to see. I'll start posting my own outfits soon! Check out my Pinterest HERE


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