Trend Watch: Overalls + Jumpsuits

November 8, 2016

I’m not even sure when overalls came back into style until I saw them everywhere and on everyone. I don’t remember wearing overalls since I was like four, and I don’t even remember when I was four. Luckily the old, baggy, wide leg farmer overalls aren’t the ones back in style. I just bought my first pair from Free People and am obsessed. Can I wear these everyday? 

It’s easy to get stuck on overalls and jumpsuits since they’re just one big article of clothing and so where do you even begin to style with it? Here are three ways to style: 

1. Casual 

We all love an easy casual outfit to throw on when we're running errands or need to get out the door quickly. Get a pair of overalls in your closet and you'll look a lot more put together than you actually are. I like to pair almost anything under a pair of casual overalls. The easiest is to get a few simple long sleeves or tank tops that you can throw on under your overalls. Of course since we're moving into fall and colder weather, some lighter sweaters are great as well. Add some sneakers or booties to complete your look. 

2. Sophisticated 

Whether you're going to work or a formal event, dressing up a jumpsuit will be a killer hit. For more formal events I recommend sticking with a solid color jumpsuit, preferably black, and dressing up your accessories or a top you wear under or jacket over. If you're trying to find new ways to dress up your work outfit routine, find something fun but professional. A lightweight jumper with a blazer over is always an easy outfit that looks more dressed up. For a formal event I recommend statement earrings or a statement jacket for over. 

3. Trendy

Stepping away from the plain casual overalls and jumpsuits look for an out of the box jumper. One of my favorite pairs of overalls right now is a pastel pink cordaroy overall with a tie around the waist from Anthropologie. Another type of trendy jumpsuits to watch out for are the crop flare jumpers. One of my favorite classic pairs is from Reformation. With pieces like these, depending on the occasion, I suggest leaving them as statement pieces on their own. This means pairing a very basic tee under or focusing on a good pair of shoes. Either way, trendy jumpsuits are a staple for your wardrobe. 

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