Beauty In the Industry

December 13, 2016

How do you define beauty in an industry full of supermodels, critics and recruiters who still don’t think you are tall enough. 

Truth is: you can't.

In the fashion industry there is a standard without there even being an ability to reach it. Every client, agency or designer is going to want something that isn’t what she may have to offer. Regardless of how beautiful she is, she just might not be what they are looking for. Beauty is subjective: a combination of qualities, such as shapecoloror form, that pleases the aesthetic sensesespecially the sight. 

…that pleases the aesthetic...

Enough said. Beauty is determined on what another person is looking for and what his or her definition of beauty is. I just watched the 2016 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show that aired this month and how many of the top supermodels said that even they had trouble booking a show. It’s reality and people say it is harsh, I say it doesn’t matter. I truly believe it doesn’t matter if you get rejected by a designer or agency. If you know you are beautiful and that your beauty is not defined by just your ability to please others with your appearance then you are in so much control of your reality. 

This industry receives so much hate because there is such a harsh standard of beauty that many women (and men) find it hard to reach. There is fat shaming, skinny shaming, beauty shaming; the list goes on and on. Women are shamed for being too skinny as if it's more acceptable than shaming a woman for being overweight. It is impossible to please every single person you face.

I choose women to work with over others all the time, it doesn't mean I don't think the others are unattractive or unworthy, I'm just looking for something different; and different isn't a synonym for ugly.

For women who want to make it into this industry but can't also shouldn't feel ashamed or unworthy. For your worth and beauty isn't found in this industry no matter how badly you want it. Even for the most beautiful women in the world, her beauty isn't found in this industry.

Women starve themselves, get plastic surgery and go to extreme measures in the hopes of booking her dream job. Maybe she gets it, maybe she doesn't. Whether you want to be her or not, it is a guarantee she will not feel satisfied once she books that job. There will always be higher to go. The deeper she falls into an eating disorder and substance abuse, at least she booked a job with Chanel.

It's a reality that people believe they can find his or her identity in a job based off something they have to offer. However if what they have to offer is coming from a place of striving and worth then he or she will still be broken after they got what they were looking for.

I remember when I first started working with models when I was in high school, and all my friends would ask me the same question, "aren't you so insecure"? No. I never was until I got that question over and over again. Does me working with beautiful women entitle me to suddenly feel self-conscious about myself? I truly never have beat myself up over it for more than a minute. I know my beauty isn't compared to other women because we are so different. She may have something I don't but I still have what she doesn't. In the end I'm not in a competition with beautiful women. I'm on my own journey to finding what makes me beautiful and I already know it's not being accepted into the fashion industry. 

One thing I can tell you about this industry that isn't so bad is that there are so many routes to take as a model. There is a place for print models (too short), runway models (too skinny), fit models (too muscular), curvy models (too curvy), commercial models (not exotic). If you were made for this, then there is nothing to hold you back except the inability to know you are worthy and beautiful before you make it anywhere in this industry. 

If you are seeking after this industry then know where your identity is held above all else. It will make you indestructible. You are beautiful, worthy, tall enough, pretty enough, strong enough no matter how high you make it. 

Beauty is when you can appreciate yourself. When you love yourself, that's when you're most beautiful. -Zoe Kravitz



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