Dreams Into Plans

December 26, 2016

Make the pursuit of your dreams a part of your routine.
     From the moment I could remember, I remember being a dreamer. I had so many dreams as a child and still do. Dreaming wasn’t always about having a lot of money and being able to take my family to Monaco for the weekend. It was so much better. I dreamt about a beautiful house, a family that loved each other and being a boss woman in control of my life. Dreams were never just dreams to me. They were plans. 
     Under all the self-doubt and disappointment the world had to offer me I had hoped that my dreams would someday come true. But dreams don’t work unless you do and a lot of the work comes from your mind. And our minds can be our worse enemy. Most people wonder how to accomplish their dreams and some know they can but are held back by fear. 
     Fear is the enemy. I refuse to be held back by self-doubt and fear even if they creep into my mind for five minutes. I get asked all the time how did I start my career or did I end up being able to do what I do? I just started. 

Start Somewhere

You know how everyone says we have to start from the bottom? Well you have to start from the bottom. But starting from the bottom is better than not starting at all. If you are looking to pursue something or make your wildest dreams come true, you have to just get out there and do it. It involves putting yourself out there in ways that may not be comfortable but if you keep going it will get easier. Hard-work and passion doesn't keep you at the bottom.


Stay consistent. No matter what you are looking to do be consistent in your work. Consistency builds rhythm, discipline and habit. It disciplines you to work through the hard moments of your work. So many times I've wanted to quit and take the easy way but pushing through builds character. It also shows those around you how serious you are and even more drawn to your passions. Make the pursuit of your dreams a part of your routine.

Expect Failure

Okay, as harsh as that sounds it’s something to think on. Probably every well recognized person has been set up for failure at one point in his or her life. Life isn’t smooth sailing and neither is stepping out of your comfort zone. Having disappointment and failure is ok. It doesn’t reflect on who you are, it’s just pushing you to work harder and even closer to where you are supposed to be. Expect disappointment and love it. It will close all the wrong doors to leave room for you to walk through the right ones.

I hope you know that you are able, hard-working, extraordinary and your dreams are possible. They're already a part of you- all you have to do is go out and catch them.


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