How to Choose the Best Denim

December 16, 2016

Mother Denim (Pictured)

One of my most worn staples in my closet is denim, I mean no further explanation needed. You’ll most likely catch me in black denim at work and off work. I’m not much of a preppy style girl so denim is always my go to. 

For the longest time I would buy the worst denim (because it was cheap) but now I’m starting to see the value in investing in certain pieces that I know will last me and not get worn out and denim is definitely one of them. So here are a few tips on how to choose quality + reasonable denim that works for your body and budget. 

The top 5 things I think of when assessing which pair of jeans to buy I look for: price, wash, fit, quality, and trends. 


Lets go ahead and get this one out of the way, your budget is one of the very first things you need to assess when looking for new denim. Are you looking to spend $50 or closer to $200? My tip is if you’re looking to invest in a standard pair of denim that is versatile then I say it’s okay to lean towards a $200 pair. Denim I would invest in are styles like your everyday medium wash, favorite black denim or a trend piece you know will not go out of style and will be a forever piece in your wardrobe. 


Wash is important, you have to know yourself and what is in your closet to know which color denim to buy. For me I know I’m super into light wash and black. That’s about it. I know most of what I wear in my closet doesn’t necessarily fit with a medium wash, though it doesn’t bother to own a pair as backup. Knowing what wash you are looking for will cut down a lot of time of digging through piles of every kind of medium or dark wash you can find in a store. Know what is in your closet to know what you need. 


The comfort and fit of a jean is crucial, especially if you are intentionally investing in a new pair or two. If you are unfamiliar with a brand I recommend trying on your favorite brand vs the newer one to know what you like. You want to look for how it fits in the dressing room vs when you wear the denim out a little. Some denim stretches and others don’t at all. It’s worth asking about while in the store. Everyone has a different preference in how they want their denim to fit so it is so important you take the time to try on new denim before purchasing. Save yourself the trip back. 


Quality goes hand in hand with the price and comfort of the jean. You want to invest some money in quality denim even if it's just your most basic black or medium wash denim. It's the worst when you go out and buy four new pairs of denim and have to re-buy in less than a year because the quality was lost in the washing machine. Some brands I recommend checking out or investing in are Citizen's of Humanity, Paige, Levi's or Mother denim. You know a denim is high-quality when the wear makes the denim look better over time. 


Trends are fun but they are constantly changing; the last thing you want to do is spend $300 on a pair of jeans and only have them be in style for six months, if that. With trendy denim to recommend going to a store you know will sell it at a lower selling point so you don’t waste money month after month. You can also DIY your denim. I recently did that with an old pair I had in my closet and haven't worn in forever. The uneven hem is super in right now and I didn't feel like spending $250 on a pair of Citizen's for something I could make at home and make look equally as trendy. 

I hope these few tips help you to choose wisely in the future and get you excited about purchasing new denim!


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