December 31, 2016

It’s a New Year: a time for reflection of the past and ambition for the future. Most of us like to say we’ll change or "be better" this year and if not then, there’s always next year! Whether your New Year’s resolution is to get more organized or lose five pounds there’s always something we have to remember: the present. 

The present time is the most important thing. The present now is what makes up all these little memories that summarize our year. I remember ending last year and saying it was the worst year of my life turned into the best year of my life. Somehow each year of life feels better than the last. I can safely say this year was a year of transition. Each season I walked through felt transitional and I kept thinking it was temporary but as I reflect I can see now that this was my year to switch over. To remember 2015 and fully transition into something new and hopefully better. 

Twenty-sixteen held a lot of memories, as does every year. I moved five times in this year alone and had two different jobs while working on my photography business and then eventually starting this blog. I felt busy yet not busy enough. Due to the mass of transitions I never really felt settled or organized. If you’re wondering how I managed to survive it all take a peek at my FAITH section of this blog. It will truly open your eyes of how to get through any situation with joy.

I think one of the most important things about going into a New Year is recognizing where we fell short this year and turning it into our strongest suit for the next. It’s remembering all the beautiful memories and friendships we built or strengthened and holding onto those. It’s revisiting the hardships and remembering how we got through them so we know how to get through them it easier next time. It’s truly about looking back and loving the year you had no matter if it was the best or the worst. If your year wasn’t the best know that there is always better out there. You are not bound to anything but the decisions you decide to make. You hate your job? Get a new one. Your friends don’t treat you well? Let go and find true ones. You overall aren’t happy? Well, that’s where the Lord does His best work. 

I’m thankful for a year of transition. It pushed me through a lot of uncomfortable situations so that I can walk into new situations with confidence. I learned that I will never be truly comfortable unless I’m resting in the Lord. I learned that my roots are so deep in Christ that no matter where I go I will always be grounded. I learned that I have the complete ability to be the happiest I ever will be, as long as I choose joy. And lastly, twenty-sixteen gave me a new hope and courage to take on what twenty-seventeen has to offer. I’m ready to be propelled into spring because of what has been harvested this year. 

Look back on your year and find the good. Then make it 100x better this year, and if not, well there’s always next year! 



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