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January 3, 2017

Often times we catch ourselves in a situation of well lack of communication. Things were said. Things were interpreted and now feelings are hurt. If one doesn’t express his or her feelings in regards to the things that were said then he or she will not feel valued and therefore sit in misery over something that wasn’t even meant to be hurtful. That sounded almost as complicated as scripture but you get the idea. 

A huge part of knowing your self-worth is being confident enough to express how you feel or what you need. Somehow the world got the idea that expressing what you need is needy and selfish but it’s completely the opposite. Expressing what we need is healthy and expected in order to feel loved or worthy. 

People deserve to know how they are being experienced as much as you deserve to tell them how you felt experiencing them.

I remember dating early in high school and being so afraid to express when I was hurt to my significant other because I was held by fear. Fear of being criticized, laughed at or worse…dumped. So I rarely ever expressed what I needed or when I felt hurt which led to me never speaking up in any of my relationships which ultimately led me to a very bad situation with someone I wasn’t even dating! All because I was held back by fear. Fear is not inside of love. 

God designed us to be loved, first by Him and then by others. The cost of sin was high over our heads and paid it with Jesus on the cross. Trust me, you have worth. So because you have worth you have the power to be treated well and express what you need from others. More often than not there is a lack of communication. People aren’t always aware of how they made you feel in a certain moment and if we as individuals don’t share how another person made us feel then we are almost enabling them to make us feel that way. That isn’t love towards you or the other person. People deserve to know how they are being experienced as much as you deserve to tell them how they made you feel.
Countless times my close friends have told me I made them feel [blank] because of a small remark I said, that had no intention of being rude or sarcastic, and guess what, I’m not offended when they tell me. I receive their communication and value them because they valued themselves enough to communicate. And now I’m not caught in awkward situations like that. It goes both ways.

I know, it’s a mind-blowing concept. We are worthy enough to express ourselves but also doing it in a loving way. Communicate, “hey this made me feel ____ when you did/said ____”; it sounds like teaching children how talk to each other but if we aren’t treating ourselves and others with respect then we deserve to have to go back and learn elementary forms of communication. Also, when did a child ever not tell you how he or she felt? Children are so good at communicating until the world tells them they don’t deserve to express how they feel. God calls us to be like children in order to enter into the kingdom of heaven, well here’s step one. 

Practice expressing yourself when people hurt you or even when you feel loved. You are so valuable and deserve to be treated with value by yourself and others. Something as simple as communicating will help bring heaven to earth. 


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