How To Dress Up Your Everyday Look

February 16, 2017

Hello beautiful people! I want to share my favorite tips for dressing up your every day look. I’ve noticed that every day I default to certain kinds of pieces and end up feeling bleh about my outfit choices, anyone else? If you’re like me, you gravitate to more neutral and simpler pieces to just get out of the door. Although this is great and I love a good capsule wardrobe we do need to find some key pieces to dress up a white tee and jeans, or whatever you default is. 


A good shoe can make or break your outfit. I was never a shoe obsessed girl…until now. I’ve realized how much the shoe you choose to wear really pulls the outfit together. Think about the difference between a girl in a tee, distressed denim and some metallic heels versus a girl in a tee, distressed denim and sneakers. Makes all the difference. Check out my favorites here.


Sunglasses are an understated accessory. I always thought just have one pair and you're good to throw them on whenever the sun is out. Now, I'm interested in changing the dynamic of my outfit and so having a few pairs to go with different looks is a good option. I've included some of my favorites ranging from Quay to fun Urban Outfitters pairs. In addition to sunglasses, why not invest in a cute pair of readers? This easily adds something to an outfit. Check out the ones I picked.


What you do with your lip color can really pull an outfit together or add the pop of color it needs. I’m not a huge red or orange lip kind of girl but I love just even adding a tinted chapstick or nude color. The lip color will help bring color to your face and even make your lips look fuller. Here are my favorite colors and tints right now. 


This seems like such a simple one but something that is easily missed. Have some go to jewelry pieces that you know you love and are versatile that you can throw on everyday or when you’re in a rush. Mine are some simple gold rings, gold earrings and sometimes a dainty necklace. Check out my picks here.


Oh hello third layer, we've been waiting for you. I preach on adding a third layer to outfits but then more often than not I forget to grab one. Try adding a vest, jacket or cardigan over your outfit for even when it's not "just" cold out. There are so many great layering pieces to add to literally anything. You can even try double layering coats (what!), especially if you live somewhere it's really cold. Pair a sweater with a cropped jacket and then a long-line coat on top of that. Here are my favorites currently. 

*All items listed are available now and shopable with the link provided


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