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February 27, 2017

In less than a week I am jetting off to Paris, France and I could not be more excited. However, the farthest I’ve ever traveled is across country and this fight is about to be well over twice as long (and jet-lagged) as any other flight I’ve been on. This whole week I am going to be prepping in getting ready and making sure I have all my travel essentials in order. 

I know for a fact beauty essentials are a must due to the jet lag and lack of fresh air you get while you’re traveling which can really clog your pores. I decided to go with a light tinted moisturizer for my makeup this time around. I personally don’t like going long periods of time without makeup just because my skin will start to feel extra oily, and that’s one of the last things I want while being stuck on a plane for almost twelve hours. I don’t believe I’ll need much more than some tinted moisturizer, concealer and a chapstick or lip tint. In addition to that, I’m obsessed with these Honest Hazel eye patches. They’re really smoothing to your under eye area and help get rid of any puffiness (hello jet lag). 

Secondly, it’s going to be a long freaking time to be sitting in one spot so I’ve prepared my entertainment for the flight. I know I’ll have work to catch up on like editing and writing more posts but aside from work I thought it would be fun to bring a few things along. I’ve been in the middle of reading Uninvited by Lysa Terkheurst and am so obsessed with it. The only reason I haven’t gotten through the whole thing yet is because I’ve been working so much. If you want to read more on it click here. I’m also going to bring along a coloring book. I found the cutest Paris Street Style Coloring Book at Anthropologie and thought it would be so fitting and entertaining to bring along. In addition I’ll be listening to sermons and have my bible but I’ll definitely be switching it up in between naps. 

Outfit ideas for traveling are of course comfort over everything. I also know I tend to get cold easily in planes and while I sleep so that’s something to factor in. To get a basic idea I usually travel in a cute sweatshirt, leggings and sneakers. It’s not the cutest outfit but it does the job, especially for a long flight. I also included a coat that is always nice to have on hand especially traveling from a mildly warm place to cooler temperature. I’m obsessed with this one from Madewell. 

Other travel essentials include snacks and lots of them, some minerals + vitamins to keep your health in tip top shape and to beat any sickness on the plane and a good travel partner ;)

A bientot paris...


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