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March 15, 2017

Jour Un

Today is my birthday. I spent majority of the day traveling; we passed through London and then landed in Paris around twenty after five pm. I didn’t think I would be jet lagged since I got some sleep on the plane but it kept hitting me randomly so I kept accepting more coffee. I was just really hungry the whole time if I’m being quite honest. At least the flights flew by, I didn’t even pull my computer out to write or edit like I thought I would. I wasn’t jet lagged until I tried to sleep and then woke up at 330 am Paris time and had two cups of coffee (one decaf one not) and chocolate. 

Jour Deux

Can’t say but I felt disappointment when I got my fist cup of coffee in Paris. The “american” cup is the size of an espresso in America. What I can say is holy crap is it good. It’s strong but oh so good. I also think it’s strange how they only serve sugar with coffee here and no cream. I’m not a fan of sugar in coffee. After finally falling asleep at 530am I got to sleep in until about 10am. I felt so blessed but also needed more coffee. We got amazing crepes this morning, mine with sugar and strawberry jam. The portions here are small but fill me so well, I wish America was like that minus how small the coffee is. I then explored the Louvre and am blown away by the art and history that palace holds. I can’t wait to go back when it’s not raining. I’m also blown away how so many paintings depict Jesus’s life. His life was everything to people and artists back then. It’s so interesting and impacting to experience art and emotion in that way. I also began to feel like I was missing God today. I feel like I’ve been so caught up in preparing, traveling and everything else than to give much more than a few moments of thought to Him. I always think it’s interesting when I feel a physical difference if my Spirit is starving. So you know what I’ll be doing now.
Tomorrow we see the Eifle Tower...

Jour Trois

Today was good, probably one of my favorite days on this trip. In the morning we went up the Montparnasse tower where you can get a 360 view of all of Paris. It’s incredible how small everything looks yet still significant. Clearly we saw the Eifle tower loud and clear and so we headed there next. Yes, definitely lives up to what I had hoped. The only bummer is that there was a  ton of construction at the base so photos weren’t as good as they could have been. But I got a crepe and walked around the tower, not a bad experience if I do say so myself. Our first few days were filled with tourist things which I normally don’t like doing but in Paris I had to see everything. I’m usually more interested in going to hole in the wall cafes and finding hidden gems but we were able to do that too. After exploring the Eifle tower, the Arc De Triumph and Champs De Elyse I went out to dinner with some of my best friends. 

This was so fun. We did probably the most walking since we got lost around Champs De Elyse at night but ate an amazing dinner paired with a bottle of wine just next to the Eifle Tower. Man, I am so hooked on French food now. After dinner we walked around the tower and it was incredible. It’s even better at night lit up and when the sparkling lights go off. It made me fall even more in love with this city. 

Jour Quatre

This morning I took the morning to myself and walked to a small cafe down the street from our hotel. I’m officially obsessed with the coffee here and think it’s weird how large of coffees we drink in America. France gets away with small coffee because it’s so damn good. It was nice to take a breather and explore some streets on my own. I ate breakfast and spent time in the Word and journaling. Somehow being in Europe has made me forget about all the things I have to deal with when I return home but also how much more I was to be living out my life. I want to sit in cafes in the morning and take two hours for breakfast. I also want to be able have freedom in what I choose to do for the day. I’ve officially gotten into the swing of eating on a schedule and eating really really good food. 

After breakfast we explored a bunch of cool little places from the American University in Paris to a small bookshop called Ofr. where I bought a fashion magazine and vintage magazine. I look exploring shops that have vintage books or magazines that are no longer in print. We also went to the 11th and 12th arrendismo as well as Montemarte. There’s so much to see it’s overwhelming but so exciting. We definitely did a lot of walking and I was beginning to feel the effects of that on my body.

Jour Cinq

Thursday was exhausting. I wanted to still go explore and see so much but I was becoming physically and mentally tired. We had to check out of our hotel today and were planning to go to Versailles but decided time was cut too short since we had to catch a train to Dijon in the evening. All I’ll say about today is that I had fish for the first time in almost two years and it was the best fish I ever had. The wine wasn’t bad either. 

Jour Six 

Today I fell in love with Dijon. It’s a small city about two hours outside of Paris and the home of mustard and wine. Not bad right? I was surprised how much I loved this little town. Everything looked as though it were out of an old movie and I bought some French poetry dating back to the 18th Century (roughly). The pages are yellow and the binding is frayed. I’m obsessed. They’re in French so I can’t really read them but maybe someday I will. 

Let me tell you how our eating went this trip simply because it’s one of the most important parts. For breakfast we would have a small pastry, maybe fruit or an egg and an espresso. Somehow that filled me until Lunch five hours later where we would eat a big meal with a big glass of wine. My favorite. Because we ate dinner roughly around eight or nine pm every night we would have an afternoon coffee break with maybe another pastry or cheese. Then dinner in the evening with wine and if I’m lucky another espresso. Somehow I could go six hours and no be at all hungry until it was time for lunch and none of the food made me feel heavy or sluggish. That’s the gospel. 

Continuing in Dijon we rented a cute European car and drove out to Beaune, a famous wine city, out in the country side and went to a winery. This was indeed the best town I’ve ever been to. Cobblestone streets with countryside on your left and right all filled with grapevines. We ate a cafe and I couldn’t help but just stare at walls and around the town the entire time. Truly one of the best places I’ve ever experienced in my life. 

Jour Sept

Returning back to Paris today was bittersweet. It was my last day and knowing I had to return back to the hotel in a few hours made my heart sink. I wanted to soak up all the sights one last time for memory but couldn’t fast enough. There was only one thing left on my to-do list, Le Cafe De Flore on Saint-Germain. It was insanely crowded because it was the first sunny day in Paris in ten days and everyone was out enjoying the sun. I remember sitting there for about two hours taking in every little thing and enjoying every minute of it. I had some of the best coffee I’ve ever had. It felt iconic being there where thousands have sat and socialized, wrote and made history. If you don’t know the history behind the Cafe De Flore I suggest you look it up. 

Afterwards we walked around Saint-Germain just to enjoy our final hours in Paris. On the way back to the hotel we made a quick stop by Luxembourg Gardens. It was so beautiful, almost like a smaller and more fancy Central Park. Again, it was the first sunny day in a while so everyone was there. Mother and their children, solos reading books in the sun to lovers kissing on benches. It was Paris. 

If you didn't know I've wanted to travel and visit Paris ever since I could remember. I was obsessed with a city I've only dreamt of. It's nice to know it wasn't just a fantasy and it really did live up to my expectations and more. A bientôt...


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