Hi, I'm Julianna Marie and welcome to my life. I currently reside in Southern California with a desire to move to the big city very soon, unless I start traveling first. I'm in love with all things fashion, art, travel, writing and Jesus. I live everyday to connect with one or all of these things just to keep myself sane. I'm very passionate about coffee, working on my photography and this blog. I have a huge desire to travel all over the world for my work and to inspire others. 
I fell in love with fashion when I was thirteen and have discovered new ways of pursuing it since then. I had an interest in photography but never really picked up a camera except for special occasions when I would photograph with a point and shoot. At sixteen I  got my first Dslr and started really photographing my friends and posting it on social media. From there my account blew up and I chased even harder after it. After being immersed into the fashion industry for about two years my life radically changed as I fell in love with God and started to build a relationship with Him. Since then I've been been able to find a deeper discovery and love for myself as well as my passions. 
I had the idea of starting a blog in the back of my mind for quite a while but was never really sure how to do it or what to write on. After hearing many encouraging words on the matter I decided to go for it and just start. Like all things we have to start somewhere. 
I've decided to not put a label on what "type" of blogger I am: fashion, lifestlye, travel, etc. I just want to write and post about things that I love and share my process with you. I'm so blessed to have the platform from my photography and amazing people surrounding my dreams. I hope what I have to say or model for you will be encouraging and inspiring. That's my greatest desire for my work. 
Ps. You are so loved. 
Thank you for visiting!
Julianna Marie 

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